BABY SLEEPING BAGS – should you use them?


A Baby sleeping bag

A baby sleeping bag is basically a wearable blanket that is designed to stay on your baby during the night – no matter how much they may toss and turn!- keeping them cosy and snug all through the night – which will lead naturally to them staying asleep for longer!

You may have chosen to use a swaddle blanket for your baby’s first few weeks but at around 8 weeks or when they first start to show signs of rolling over it is important to transition away from swaddling your baby and at that time a baby sleeping bag is an option that a lot of parents embrace for this next stage.


Beautiful Organic Cotton Unicorn

Beautiful Organic Cotton Unicorn bumper snake pillow!

When you use a baby sleeping bag every night for your baby it can become part of a really positive sleep routine – making their bedtime routine a cosy and happy warm safe place.

Due to the positive sleep association around your baby sleeping bags using one for your baby can make sleeping away from home much easier – great for travelling or holidays!

A baby sleeping bag will help your baby stay asleep for longer as they can’t kick it off like they might other cot blankets which would cause them to wake with the change in temperature during the night – and of course if your baby stays asleep longer then you get to sleep for longer too and everyone is aware of the benefit of a good nights sleep – every bit of sleep you can get too is precious!


There are different size baby sleeping bags available for babies and even though there are baby sleeping bags available for babies that are younger than 3 months personally, if it were my own baby I wouldn’t choose to use a baby sleeping bag until my baby was a little older as babies can burrow down inside them if they don’t fit perfectly.

However, no matter what age you start using a baby sleeping bag for your baby you should always make sure that the baby sleeping bag fits well around their shoulders so that their head doesn’t run the risk of slipping down into the sleeping bag. All all the baby sleeping bags available on barefoot giraffe are size 3-12 months minimum weight 6kg (13lbs)


Baby sleeping bag
Interchangeable long or short sleeves!


The tog you choose for your baby’s sleeping bag should also be considered as it is very important to keep your baby at a regular temperature (I am including a link to the HSC website on SIDS with regard to your baby’s sleep temperature for your information.)

To help keep your baby from getting too warm or too cold you can get baby sleeping bags with different togs for different times of the year so that your baby doesn’t overheat during the warmer summer nights yet can enjoy being extra warm and cosy on chilly nights! A 2.5 tog is very popular and will work well for most of the year but you might also find it very handy to have a 0.5 to 1.5 tog sleeping bags for warmer especially as our Summers seem to be getting warmer!


There are 2 different types of beautiful baby sleeping bags on our website with 2 gorgeous prints of each type to choose from; (both types are a Bell shaped design with generous space for healthy hip development.)

One type is made from a GOTS certified organic cotton, with a lighter 0.5 tog – perfect for warmer months or a warm house as it’s breathable cotton mesh for optimal ventilation will help keep your baby cool and comfortable.

The other is a convertible baby sleeping bag with interchangeable long or short sleeves in a heavier 2.5 tog made of soft cotton outer jersey and quilted all-natural cotton lining for better temperature regulation and a more restful sleep.

Soft and gorgeous 2.5 tog convertible baby sleeping bags


Something a little bit different:- a TRAVEL baby sleeping bag! also has another type of baby sleeping bag you might like that is quite unique!-

Beautiful soft and cosy travel’ baby sleeping bags made from 100% organic cotton are perfect for transporting your baby.  

Thanks to the multifunctional openings at the back, these travel baby sleeping bags fit in almost all prams, buggies, carrycots and car seats.

So that you can keep your baby extra warm and snug when out in the car, buggy or when you are bringing your baby from the car seat to the house or even a supermarket!.  These travel baby sleeping bags will prove especially useful in colder weather!

2 beautiful colours to choose from:

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