NEWBORN SWADDLE SETS – should you buy a swaddle blanket?


Newborn Swaddle Sets include a swaddle blanket which is a baby blanket that is used for swaddling your newborn baby. 

Usually made of stretchy fabric that when swaddled snugly around your baby recreates the security and comfort of the womb but also should be stretchy enough to allow plenty of room for your baby’s legs to move freely. 

Or they can be made with natural, breathable fibers such as a cotton muslin preferably 100% organic.

We have both types available on barefoot giraffe!


Swaddling is an age-old practice of wrapping babies snugly with a blanket which is known to have a soothing and calming effect on newborns as it helps them settle down to sleep and also helps keep them asleep longer as it helps prevent babies waking themselves up with their natural startle reflex. So there is less chance of your baby’s sudden flailing arms movement from disturbing your baby’s precious sleep.

Swaddle blankets are usually only used to fully swaddle your baby during the first few weeks of your baby’s life, approximately 8 weeks but it can vary so it is very important to stop swaddling your baby at the very first sign of your baby attempting to start to roll over.


You may think there is no point in getting a newborn swaddle set for the sake of such a short period of time but don’t worry about not being able to use your swaddle blanket or newborn swaddle set when your baby reaches this exciting new stage as the swaddle blanket has so many other uses other than just swaddling . Here are a few of my suggestions:

  • Light baby blanket – It’s  so handy to have a light little baby blanket to hand when out and about for use in the car, buggy or for when you take your baby shopping (especially anywhere near the fridge/freezer section of a supermarket it can get really cold very quickly which is quite a sudden temperature change for them especially if your baby, like so many do, loves to have his or her little feet exposed.)
  • Baby Burp/Wind cloth – sometimes you will need to have the extra protection of a slightly larger burp cloth to wind your baby especially if you are dressed up for a special event – like perhaps their Christening – your newborn swaddle set will come in so handy for such an occasion! 
  • Baby changing mat towel – it’s always good to have a spare blanket to use as a changing mat towel especially if you have no choice but to change your baby where there is no changing table available, and you must change your baby on the floor you’ll be grateful for the extra layer of protection under your baby.
  • Baby comfort blanket – If it is a particularly soft and cute one (like our stretchy little animal print newborn swaddle sets!) they might become your baby’s favourite snuggle comfort blanket especially when they will be so familiar with it having been swaddled in it for the first few weeks of their lives!


There are so many gorgeous newborn swaddle sets available to purchase on-line or we have 2 beautiful types of newborn swaddle sets available on that you could buy for your own baby or as a beautiful gift for a newborn with plenty different options of each type to choose from;

Gorgeous animal print newborn swaddle sets – a super stretchy and super cute animal swaddle blanket with a matching beanie hat available in giraffe, zebra, lion or elephant! Perfect newborn swaddle sets for a baby shower gift as their colour scheme is so neutral so would make a divine and really unique gift for a newborn baby girl or gift for a newborn baby boy.

or a beautiful 2-pack box set of 100% organic cotton breathable and absorbent multifunctional muslin swaddle blankets which are available in some of our luxurious baby hampers are really beautiful newborn swaddle sets.

Both types of our newborn swaddle sets would be perfect for a baby shower gift as their their neutral colour scheme makes them an ideal baby gift for a newborn baby girl or gift for a newborn baby boy.

Keep your baby feeling safe and secure with one of our gorgeous newborn swaddle sets!

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