ORGANIC COTTON BABY CLOTHES – Is Organic Cotton better for babies?

Baby clothes - organic cotton

Are organic cotton baby clothes really better for babies than baby clothes made from different materials? There is so much talk about ‘organic cotton’ particularly for baby products but before deciding if they are better what does organic cotton even mean?

The term Organic cotton is a cotton that has been grown and manufactured without the use of any harmful chemicals, pesticides or toxins making it just as kind to the environment as to a baby’s delicate skin. So organic cotton baby clothes would be considered a very good option for babies delicate skin. This is particularly important when it comes to a newborn baby’s skin.

A newborn baby’s skin is extra sensitive as it is still developing and it is much thinner and more sensitive than an adults so it will need extra care as they adapt to the new world around them. Sometimes a newborn baby’s skin can be prone to skin irritations and dryness so the type of material you choose for your baby products is very important as you will want to make sure that it doesn’t cause further irritation to your baby’s skin so I do feel that organic cotton baby clothes and products would, especially for a newborn baby, be better than baby clothes or baby products made from a different type of material.

Baby clothes

It is also important to remember that even when your baby grows out of the ‘newborn baby stage’ your baby, then toddler and finally child’s skin can still be prone to dryness, skin irritations and in some cases even eczema (I have inserted a link to the HSC webpage on Eczema for your information if you wish to find out more about eczema in babies and children. )

For this reason the type of material used to make any of your child’s clothing should be made from a soft, breathable, preferably organic cotton so choosing organic cotton baby clothes or organic cotton children’s clothes will be hugely beneficial during all stages of your child’s development not to mention the sustainability factor of organic cotton baby clothes so you can enjoy the added bonus of knowing that you are also helping the environment while protecting your baby’s delicate skin!

There are so many lovely organic cotton baby clothes available to choose from out there or you could have a look at some of the gorgeous organic cotton baby clothes and organic cotton baby products that are available on barefootgiraffe either in one of our luxury baby hampers, gift sets or individual items or gifts.

It might be good to know that as most of our organic cotton baby clothes and products are GOTS certified you can be reassured that they are also eco friendly baby products and ethically sourced baby products.

Here are some of my favourites:

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