Cot Protector Bumper – Sleep Snake – Unicorn

The perfect snake shaped cot protector bumper for your baby’s cot!  This cosy Kikadu muslin ‘multicoloured sleep snake’ cot protector bumper is especially cuddly and comfortable, guards the bed at night and provides security and a pleasant feeling.  This sleep snake cot protector bumper not only makes for beautiful nursery decor but is also very heavy, which prevents it moving when it is placed in the cot or on a baby play mat for secure play time.





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  • 100% Organic cotton sleep snake cot protector bumper- With Heavy Filling – Size: 200cm – Machine wash @ 30C Tumble dry 
  • Cot protector bumper made from 100% organic cotton with a soft heavy filling of 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled PET bottles making it the perfect eco-friendly baby product! 
  • A truly beautiful sustainable baby product.
  • A gorgeous addition to any baby nursery.