Baby nest bed

Baby Nest Bed – Muslin Mint

With the help of this Kikadu baby nest bed your little one can sleep comfortably and safe anywhere. They can fall asleep faster and better and with the padded oval sides creating a safe cosy feeling, similar to being back in the womb, they will feel safe and secure while lying in the baby nest bed.  This baby nest bed makes the perfect portable space for supervised daytime naps or playtime!


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  • This Baby nest bed is made from 100% organic cotton – 80x50x15cm – Machine wash @ 30C Tumble dry. 
  • It is the perfect portable space for supervised daytime naps or playtime.  Baby nest beds, also known as baby pods, are oval shaped mattresses with padded sides that create the same safe cosy feeling of being back in the womb.
  • They should always be used on a firm, flat surface from which there is no possibility that it can fall. Ideally, keep it on the floor and of course remember to always place your baby on their back.
  • Baby nest beds or baby pods are so handy for when you need to get your jobs done as it can be easily moved from room to room (but of course never carry your baby nest bed with your baby in it.)
  • They are super handy to use when travelling as they create a familiar safe place in which your baby can relax.