Comforter Soft Toy – Panda

The Kikadu label panda comforter soft toy is made with organic cotton. The familiar scent of the comforter soft toy helps babies feel safe and reassured.  A beautiful soft baby toy just as it is, or a pacifier or teething ring can be attached to the label comforter soft toy. The crackling paper in its body is so inviting to touch and crumple and the colourful tags will keep your baby entertained!

Please note: Pacifier not included  




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  • GOTS certified Kikadu Comforter soft toy – Size: 29x27x3cm – Machine Wash @ 30C. 
  • This beautiful panda comforter soft toy is very versatile. You can easily attach your little one’s pacifier or a teething ring to the Velcro fastener and since the pacifier cloth is so light, your little one can hold and squeeze it easily.
  • Being able to attach a pacifier to this comforter soft toy will help your baby find their pacifier in the cot at night!
  • This comforter soft toy is also a beautiful sustainable baby product.