BABY SLEEPING BAGS – should you use them?


A Baby sleeping bag

A baby sleeping bag is basically a wearable blanket that is designed to stay on your baby during the night – no matter how much they may toss and turn!- keeping them cosy and snug all through the night – which will lead naturally to them staying asleep for longer!

You may have chosen to use a swaddle blanket for your baby’s first few weeks but at around 8 weeks or when they first start to show signs of rolling over it is important to transition away from swaddling your baby and at that time a baby sleeping bag is an option that a lot of parents embrace for this next stage.


Beautiful Organic Cotton Unicorn

Beautiful Organic Cotton Unicorn bumper snake pillow!

When you use a baby sleeping bag every night for your baby it can become part of a really positive sleep routine – making their bedtime routine a cosy and happy warm safe place.

Due to the positive sleep association around your baby sleeping bags using one for your baby can make sleeping away from home much easier – great for travelling or holidays!

A baby sleeping bag will help your baby stay asleep for longer as they can’t kick it off like they might other cot blankets which would cause them to wake with the change in temperature during the night – and of course if your baby stays asleep longer then you get to sleep for longer too and everyone is aware of the benefit of a good nights sleep – every bit of sleep you can get too is precious!


There are different size baby sleeping bags available for babies and even though there are baby sleeping bags available for babies that are younger than 3 months personally, if it were my own baby I wouldn’t choose to use a baby sleeping bag until my baby was a little older as babies can burrow down inside them if they don’t fit perfectly.

However, no matter what age you start using a baby sleeping bag for your baby you should always make sure that the baby sleeping bag fits well around their shoulders so that their head doesn’t run the risk of slipping down into the sleeping bag. All all the baby sleeping bags available on barefoot giraffe are size 3-12 months minimum weight 6kg (13lbs)


Baby sleeping bag
Interchangeable long or short sleeves!


The tog you choose for your baby’s sleeping bag should also be considered as it is very important to keep your baby at a regular temperature (I am including a link to the HSC website on SIDS with regard to your baby’s sleep temperature for your information.)

To help keep your baby from getting too warm or too cold you can get baby sleeping bags with different togs for different times of the year so that your baby doesn’t overheat during the warmer summer nights yet can enjoy being extra warm and cosy on chilly nights! A 2.5 tog is very popular and will work well for most of the year but you might also find it very handy to have a 0.5 to 1.5 tog sleeping bags for warmer especially as our Summers seem to be getting warmer!


There are 2 different types of beautiful baby sleeping bags on our website with 2 gorgeous prints of each type to choose from; (both types are a Bell shaped design with generous space for healthy hip development.)

One type is made from a GOTS certified organic cotton, with a lighter 0.5 tog – perfect for warmer months or a warm house as it’s breathable cotton mesh for optimal ventilation will help keep your baby cool and comfortable.

The other is a convertible baby sleeping bag with interchangeable long or short sleeves in a heavier 2.5 tog made of soft cotton outer jersey and quilted all-natural cotton lining for better temperature regulation and a more restful sleep.

Soft and gorgeous 2.5 tog convertible baby sleeping bags


Something a little bit different:- a TRAVEL baby sleeping bag! also has another type of baby sleeping bag you might like that is quite unique!-

Beautiful soft and cosy travel’ baby sleeping bags made from 100% organic cotton are perfect for transporting your baby.  

Thanks to the multifunctional openings at the back, these travel baby sleeping bags fit in almost all prams, buggies, carrycots and car seats.

So that you can keep your baby extra warm and snug when out in the car, buggy or when you are bringing your baby from the car seat to the house or even a supermarket!.  These travel baby sleeping bags will prove especially useful in colder weather!

2 beautiful colours to choose from:

NEWBORN SWADDLE SETS – should you buy a swaddle blanket?


Newborn Swaddle Sets include a swaddle blanket which is a baby blanket that is used for swaddling your newborn baby. 

Usually made of stretchy fabric that when swaddled snugly around your baby recreates the security and comfort of the womb but also should be stretchy enough to allow plenty of room for your baby’s legs to move freely. 

Or they can be made with natural, breathable fibers such as a cotton muslin preferably 100% organic.

We have both types available on barefoot giraffe!


Swaddling is an age-old practice of wrapping babies snugly with a blanket which is known to have a soothing and calming effect on newborns as it helps them settle down to sleep and also helps keep them asleep longer as it helps prevent babies waking themselves up with their natural startle reflex. So there is less chance of your baby’s sudden flailing arms movement from disturbing your baby’s precious sleep.

Swaddle blankets are usually only used to fully swaddle your baby during the first few weeks of your baby’s life, approximately 8 weeks but it can vary so it is very important to stop swaddling your baby at the very first sign of your baby attempting to start to roll over.


You may think there is no point in getting a newborn swaddle set for the sake of such a short period of time but don’t worry about not being able to use your swaddle blanket or newborn swaddle set when your baby reaches this exciting new stage as the swaddle blanket has so many other uses other than just swaddling . Here are a few of my suggestions:

  • Light baby blanket – It’s  so handy to have a light little baby blanket to hand when out and about for use in the car, buggy or for when you take your baby shopping (especially anywhere near the fridge/freezer section of a supermarket it can get really cold very quickly which is quite a sudden temperature change for them especially if your baby, like so many do, loves to have his or her little feet exposed.)
  • Baby Burp/Wind cloth – sometimes you will need to have the extra protection of a slightly larger burp cloth to wind your baby especially if you are dressed up for a special event – like perhaps their Christening – your newborn swaddle set will come in so handy for such an occasion! 
  • Baby changing mat towel – it’s always good to have a spare blanket to use as a changing mat towel especially if you have no choice but to change your baby where there is no changing table available, and you must change your baby on the floor you’ll be grateful for the extra layer of protection under your baby.
  • Baby comfort blanket – If it is a particularly soft and cute one (like our stretchy little animal print newborn swaddle sets!) they might become your baby’s favourite snuggle comfort blanket especially when they will be so familiar with it having been swaddled in it for the first few weeks of their lives!


There are so many gorgeous newborn swaddle sets available to purchase on-line or we have 2 beautiful types of newborn swaddle sets available on that you could buy for your own baby or as a beautiful gift for a newborn with plenty different options of each type to choose from;

Gorgeous animal print newborn swaddle sets – a super stretchy and super cute animal swaddle blanket with a matching beanie hat available in giraffe, zebra, lion or elephant! Perfect newborn swaddle sets for a baby shower gift as their colour scheme is so neutral so would make a divine and really unique gift for a newborn baby girl or gift for a newborn baby boy.

or a beautiful 2-pack box set of 100% organic cotton breathable and absorbent multifunctional muslin swaddle blankets which are available in some of our luxurious baby hampers are really beautiful newborn swaddle sets.

Both types of our newborn swaddle sets would be perfect for a baby shower gift as their their neutral colour scheme makes them an ideal baby gift for a newborn baby girl or gift for a newborn baby boy.

Keep your baby feeling safe and secure with one of our gorgeous newborn swaddle sets!


BABY ROBES – Hooded towel or baby robe? There are divine hooded towels for babies and baby robes available on loads of websites (here are a few examples of the ones available on from newborn stage to older and when to use either or both is really up to the individual mom’s preference.

When my babies were very small I preferred to use a soft and cosy hooded towel or a wrap to snuggle them in after their baby bath or after their first mommy and baby swim classes but as they became a little older and became aware of their surroundings and started noticing things they loved when I made a big fuss of making them feel ‘cosy’ and ‘special’ by snuggling them up in their cute baby robes! They absolutely adored them!

A baby robe or a baby bathrobe is such a gorgeous item for a toddler to have, particularly at the beach (especially in cooler climates – like a typical beach day in Ireland!) Even though the summers are getting warmer the sea can still be quite cold so after a swim a baby robe is super! My two loved when they were changed out of their wet swim gear to have a gorgeous soft cute baby robe to snuggle in while eating their picnic. Baby robes are also very handy if the weather changes and becomes a little cooler but you want to stay a little longer on the beach (perhaps to finish your picnic!) they can wear them over their dry clothes to be extra warm and cosy especially when they can put up a hood to block any wind or chills or if it rains suddenly while you make a mad dash to the car!

If you have a toddler and a small baby to change at a swimming pool it is very handy to be able to wrap your toddler quickly in a baby robe that ties up to the neck so that it can’t slip off onto the ground like a towel might, keeping your toddler from catching a chill while waiting for you to change their baby sibling first!

The baby robes or baby bathrobes on our website have a push button at the top to help prevent if from falling off and what’s extra handy about them is that the belt is attached to the back so that it can’t fall off onto the wet changing room floor or end up being dragged along the ground which your toddler or someone else could potentially trip on.

They are really beautiful baby robes in soft terry made from 100% Organic Cotton, perfect to snuggle in after a bath or at the beach.

These soft and gorgeous baby robes with cute rabbit ears are GOTS certified, making sure you have chosen the best for your baby.

They come in 3 different gorgeous colours to choose from and are available in the size;- 18-24 months so would make an ideal first birthday or christening gift!

A really beautiful piece of clothing for infants that is also sustainable making it the perfect luxury baby gift!


Struggling with the vast choice of BABY BLANKETS FOR NEWBORNS available?

There are so many different types of beautiful baby blankets for newborns available it can be a difficult task to choose the right one!

I have listed a few baby blanket options that are available but as you can imagine the list could be endless!

Baby blanket for your baby’s cot

Baby blanket for your baby’s car seat

Baby blanket for your baby to use while out in their buggy

Baby blanket comforter

Baby swaddling blanket

Ultimately I think it is important not to get too bogged down with all the different types of baby blankets on offer and which baby blanket it best and try to base your decision on what you need the particular blanket for (you could try to choose one that will cover a multiple of uses!) while also of course bearing in mind your baby’s delicate skin!

A newborn baby’s skin is extra sensitive as it is still developing and it is much thinner and more sensitive than an adults so it will need extra care as they adapt to the new world around them. Sometimes a newborn baby’s skin can be prone to skin irritations and dryness so the type of material you choose for your baby blankets for newborns is very important as you will want to make sure that it doesn’t cause further irritation to your baby’s skin.

Ensure you use a non-biological detergent when washing your baby’s clothes and baby blankets as they do not contain any enzymes that might possibly irritate your baby’s skin.

Make certain any products you use to moisturise or wash your baby are hypoallergenic products that are free from perfume, colours or alcohol.

It is important to bear in mind that baby clothes and baby blankets for newborns should be made from a breathable fabric preferably made from 100% organic cotton that’s free from chemicals with minimal risk of irritation for your baby’s sensitive skin. If you are looking for baby blanket for newborns that adheres to this criteria you could check out the baby blankets available on our website as we have a beautiful selection of luxuriously soft baby blankets that are all made from GOTS certified 100% Organic Cotton to choose from. With the GOTS certification you can rest assured that you are buying the very best for your baby.

The colourful Pompom baby blanket can be purchased on it’s own or there is a wide range of gorgeous baby blankets for newborns in our wide selection of really unique luxury baby hampers and stunning baby gift sets.

All the baby blankets available from are ethically sourced and eco friendly making them a gorgeous option to choose for baby gifts that are sustainable!

BABY GIFTS – How to choose the right baby gifts

There are so many factors to consider when buying a gift for a new baby especially with so many choices available everywhere!

Baby Nests & Baby Toys

I personally love to find baby gifts that have a bit of a wow factor!  Either a gift that has that special something that might make it a treasured keepsake (see the lovely comforters in the baby nursery section of or an item that a new mom using it might wonder how on earth she would have managed without it!  Like perhaps a baby nest bed – perfect for carrying around to different rooms for a supervised nap or play time while you get your jobs done.

One of the factors to take into consideration when buying a baby gift is how old the baby will be by the time you get to give the gift to the mom. Newborn babies grow so quickly, and often only very close friends and family will be given the opportunity to see the baby during the hectic first few weeks! So, if that is the case and your baby gift is more suited to a newborn baby make sure that you organise to get it delivered before the baby has outgrown it or you could choose something more suited to a slightly older baby. There are so many newborn baby gift ideas out there for you to choose from or you could check out our Swaddle sets for newborns or one of our really unique luxury baby hampers or organic cotton soft towelling robes.

A hugely important thing to consider regarding the age of the baby receiving the gift is of course the safety factor.  There are baby sleeping bags available for babies that are younger than 3 months and I am by no means an expert on how safe they are especially with relation to SIDS but personally if it were my own baby I would not feel comfortable using a baby sleeping bag until my baby was a little older as babies can burrow down inside them if they don’t fit perfectly and of course if I wouldn’t risk them for my own baby I would never consider buying one as a baby gift as I would be afraid to take the risk and would rather err on the side of caution but I must stress that this is just my personal opinion. All all the sleeping bags for babies available on barefoot giraffe are size 3-12 months.

Another thing to consider is should you spend a little extra to make sure your baby gifts are sustainable? This is also a very personal choice and I have written a previous blog about it if you wish to consider it further. (See blog: Sustainable Baby Gifts) We have so many organic cotton luxurious soft baby products that are sustainable. Here are a few examples of some of the sustainable baby gifts available on our website:

Finally – BOY OR GIRL?!! Loads of parents decide to find out the sex of their baby before the birth and Gender Reveal parties are becoming increasingly popular. For the births of both our babies my husband and I chose not to find out in advance as we both compared the thrill of the surprise in the delivery room to being like the thrill of Christmas mornings when we still believed in Santa!  However, the decision to find out or not to find out is a very personal choice and everyone will of course choose to do what’s feels right for them! 

However, if you are aware of the sex of the baby in advance there are loads of options everywhere (see our baby hampers girl or baby hampers boy section) or if you don’t know the sex of the baby and you wish to buy a baby gift in advance or if you are looking for a baby shower gift then there are beautiful unisex gifts available on loads of different websites or check out our Baby Hampers-Neutral section and baby gifts section for some really beautiful and unique options with plenty of wow factor!

Here are a few that I particularly love:

Sustainable Baby Gifts. Should you spend a little bit extra to ensure your baby gifts are sustainable?

These days finding just the right sustainable baby gifts to congratulate a loved one on their new arrival can be challenging as there are so many factors to consider.

Ultimately the most important thing for me when buying a new baby gift is that it looks beautiful, original, luxurious, soft & cosy first and then if it also happens to be sustainable, like one of our sleepy snake cot bumpers I would consider it to be an added bonus.

Unfortunately, a lot of the eco-friendly baby clothes available are not very colourful which is why very often when you think about baby items that are sustainable you might imagine items that although they are sustainable may not look aesthetically beautiful, Personally I wouldn’t choose one of these as a baby gift as I want the person receiving the baby gift to gasp with delight when they first set eyes on it – check out our gorgeous organic cotton baby blankets or one of our stunning baby gift sets as possible beautiful sustainable baby gifts.

However, if I can find a sustainable baby product that also looks divine like one of our baby gift hampers I wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for it because I think that along with everyone else these days, I am becoming more conscious of helping reduce my impact on the environment and as a parent I couldn’t bare to think that I am in any way supporting an industry by buying a product that has even the slightest possibility of being made using child labour.

With the baby products and gifts available on the barefoot giraffe website the products are not only all visually beautiful and unique but also most of them are GOTS certified which means they are sustainable.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) was developed by leading standard setters to define world-wide recognised requirements for organic textiles.  From the harvesting of the raw materials, environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing to labelling, textiles certified to GOTS provide a credible assurance to the consumer.


Sustainable Baby Gifts – What does sustainability mean?

The simplest explanation is the ability to exist and develop without depleting natural resources for the future.  There are 3 aspects to sustainability: environmental, social, and economic. So, the GOTS certification found on most of the barefoot giraffe products ensure the following:

For a company to receive a GOTS certification, there are strict regulations with regards to the working environment and social rights for those who work in the various stages of the manufacturing process.  A GOTS certification ensures that workers are of adult age, work under good working conditions, are paid fairly, have development opportunities regardless of gender and are allowed freely express their opinions.

The GOTS certification shows that the products are completely free of harmful substances and when dyeing the products, the colours do not contain any toxins that are harmful to humans or the environment.

A GOTS label is a quality stamp that shows that the organic product is of the highest quality made from organically grown raw materials, free from pesticides only using cotton from certified organic cotton growers who get paid fairly.

So, to sum it up if the gift doesn’t cost too much extra but is ethically friendly and looks divine, I’m in!

Here are some of my favourite choices of sustainable baby gifts.

Sustainable Baby Robes