BABY ROBES – Hooded towel or baby robe? There are divine hooded towels for babies and baby robes available on loads of websites (here are a few examples of the ones available on from newborn stage to older and when to use either or both is really up to the individual mom’s preference.

When my babies were very small I preferred to use a soft and cosy hooded towel or a wrap to snuggle them in after their baby bath or after their first mommy and baby swim classes but as they became a little older and became aware of their surroundings and started noticing things they loved when I made a big fuss of making them feel ‘cosy’ and ‘special’ by snuggling them up in their cute baby robes! They absolutely adored them!

A baby robe or a baby bathrobe is such a gorgeous item for a toddler to have, particularly at the beach (especially in cooler climates – like a typical beach day in Ireland!) Even though the summers are getting warmer the sea can still be quite cold so after a swim a baby robe is super! My two loved when they were changed out of their wet swim gear to have a gorgeous soft cute baby robe to snuggle in while eating their picnic. Baby robes are also very handy if the weather changes and becomes a little cooler but you want to stay a little longer on the beach (perhaps to finish your picnic!) they can wear them over their dry clothes to be extra warm and cosy especially when they can put up a hood to block any wind or chills or if it rains suddenly while you make a mad dash to the car!

If you have a toddler and a small baby to change at a swimming pool it is very handy to be able to wrap your toddler quickly in a baby robe that ties up to the neck so that it can’t slip off onto the ground like a towel might, keeping your toddler from catching a chill while waiting for you to change their baby sibling first!

The baby robes or baby bathrobes on our website have a push button at the top to help prevent if from falling off and what’s extra handy about them is that the belt is attached to the back so that it can’t fall off onto the wet changing room floor or end up being dragged along the ground which your toddler or someone else could potentially trip on.

They are really beautiful baby robes in soft terry made from 100% Organic Cotton, perfect to snuggle in after a bath or at the beach.

These soft and gorgeous baby robes with cute rabbit ears are GOTS certified, making sure you have chosen the best for your baby.

They come in 3 different gorgeous colours to choose from and are available in the size;- 18-24 months so would make an ideal first birthday or christening gift!

A really beautiful piece of clothing for infants that is also sustainable making it the perfect luxury baby gift!

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