BABY GIFTS – How to choose the right baby gifts

There are so many factors to consider when buying a gift for a new baby especially with so many choices available everywhere!

Baby Nests & Baby Toys

I personally love to find baby gifts that have a bit of a wow factor!  Either a gift that has that special something that might make it a treasured keepsake (see the lovely comforters in the baby nursery section of or an item that a new mom using it might wonder how on earth she would have managed without it!  Like perhaps a baby nest bed – perfect for carrying around to different rooms for a supervised nap or play time while you get your jobs done.

One of the factors to take into consideration when buying a baby gift is how old the baby will be by the time you get to give the gift to the mom. Newborn babies grow so quickly, and often only very close friends and family will be given the opportunity to see the baby during the hectic first few weeks! So, if that is the case and your baby gift is more suited to a newborn baby make sure that you organise to get it delivered before the baby has outgrown it or you could choose something more suited to a slightly older baby. There are so many newborn baby gift ideas out there for you to choose from or you could check out our Swaddle sets for newborns or one of our really unique luxury baby hampers or organic cotton soft towelling robes.

A hugely important thing to consider regarding the age of the baby receiving the gift is of course the safety factor.  There are baby sleeping bags available for babies that are younger than 3 months and I am by no means an expert on how safe they are especially with relation to SIDS but personally if it were my own baby I would not feel comfortable using a baby sleeping bag until my baby was a little older as babies can burrow down inside them if they don’t fit perfectly and of course if I wouldn’t risk them for my own baby I would never consider buying one as a baby gift as I would be afraid to take the risk and would rather err on the side of caution but I must stress that this is just my personal opinion. All all the sleeping bags for babies available on barefoot giraffe are size 3-12 months.

Another thing to consider is should you spend a little extra to make sure your baby gifts are sustainable? This is also a very personal choice and I have written a previous blog about it if you wish to consider it further. (See blog: Sustainable Baby Gifts) We have so many organic cotton luxurious soft baby products that are sustainable. Here are a few examples of some of the sustainable baby gifts available on our website:

Finally – BOY OR GIRL?!! Loads of parents decide to find out the sex of their baby before the birth and Gender Reveal parties are becoming increasingly popular. For the births of both our babies my husband and I chose not to find out in advance as we both compared the thrill of the surprise in the delivery room to being like the thrill of Christmas mornings when we still believed in Santa!  However, the decision to find out or not to find out is a very personal choice and everyone will of course choose to do what’s feels right for them! 

However, if you are aware of the sex of the baby in advance there are loads of options everywhere (see our baby hampers girl or baby hampers boy section) or if you don’t know the sex of the baby and you wish to buy a baby gift in advance or if you are looking for a baby shower gift then there are beautiful unisex gifts available on loads of different websites or check out our Baby Hampers-Neutral section and baby gifts section for some really beautiful and unique options with plenty of wow factor!

Here are a few that I particularly love:

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