BABY COMFORTERS – When is it safe for your baby to sleep with a baby comforter in his cot?

Baby Comforter
Cute snake shaped cot protector & organic cotton baby comforter

It is recommended for safety reasons that you do not place anything, including a baby comforter in your baby’s cot until he or she is 7 months old. However, you can start introducing a baby comforter in a variety of safe and supervised ways long before then.

At around 7 months your baby will begin to experience separation anxiety and at this stage a baby comforter (it might be handy to get 2 of the same!) is the perfect tool to introduce to his bedtime routine so that if your baby wakes up during the night it will help your baby to have a comforter in his cot to help him to self-soothe and go back to sleep on his own.

Being able to self-soothe (when your baby can calm himself down and go back to sleep on his own!) is an important part of your baby’s development. Babies that can self-soothe will be able to sleep for longer periods. Learning the skill to self-soothe at this time is imperative to your baby sleeping through the night because if your baby can learn to self-soothe then he won’t need to cry for you every time he wakes up during the night so your baby (and you!) will get the benefit of a full nights sleep!

Bear in mind though, that it is far more likely that your baby will be able to self-soothe with a baby comforter that he has already formed an attachment to, as opposed to attempting to try to introduce a completely new comforter at this crucial time. Which is why it is a good idea to start introducing a baby comforter before then.

When is it safe for your baby to sleep with a baby comforter in his cot?
Organic cotton baby comforter


You can sleep with the baby comforter for a few nights so that it takes on your scent. It is a good idea to get two of the same type to do this! (If you want to introduce a baby comforter for the first time after your baby is 6/7 months old or happen to get a new one as a gift for your baby at any stage this suggestion of you sleeping with it in order for it to take on your scent, would still help your baby form an attachment to it quicker than just giving it directly to your baby.)

While feeding your baby you can hold the comforter in between your baby and your body so that it becomes a familiar presence during this cosy mom feeding/bonding time thereby encouraging the association of feeling safe, warm and secure during feeding time along with the added bonus of the comforter taking on the familiar comforting scent associated with this close and loving feeding time.

You can introduce the baby comforter during supervised daytime play and tummy time by placing it on a playmat for babies during playtime so that your baby becomes used to having it near him during play time.

You can also place the comforter in the car seat with your baby and in his buggy so that it becomes a familiar and comforting presence when he is out and about.

If you get one with tags or knots attached with a cute animal face it can keep him busy and entertained in a load of different situations; changing his nappy, waiting for a doctor’s appointment, or waiting to collect an older sibling from an after school activity and many more.

A baby comforter is also a very useful tool to use as part of your baby’s bedtime routine as tucking a familiar one in with your baby at night in his cot at will help him associate this as being his time to settle down and fall asleep. Fingers crossed!

There are so many available so it is important that you make certain that the baby comforter that you choose for your baby or as a gift for a newborn doesn’t have any parts that could potentially be pulled off and end up in his mouth and that it is made from a non-toxic material ensuring that it is safe for chewing on!

You will also find some beautiful ones on our website, most of which are GOTS certified ensuring that they are made from an organic non-toxic material. Some of which even have the added benefit of being able to attach a pacifier if you wish, so that when your baby wakes up during the night looking for his pacifier it will be much easier for him to find it by himself in his cot so that he can go back to sleep without having to call you each time to replace it for him to help him to go back to sleep!

If you wish you can also check out the different selection of baby comforters that are available in our luxury hampers and gift sets for babies!

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